We aim to elevate the level of consciousness from which decisions are taken in farming. We firmly believe that by being a decentralized food production organization, we will be able to achieve this.

We do greenhouse farming, since it’s what we have the most experience in.
Also, this type of farming is highly scalable and replicable in different climates across the world. It is also drastically less water-intensive than field agriculture. Greenhouse farming will be best to mitigate our environmental impact while establishing the whole decentralized governance to then scale before integrating other nutritious, ecological, and sustainable farming models.

Together, with our partner Ceickor University, we have more than 20 years of experience in farming as farm owners, consultants, and agricultural fund advisors across Latin America.

The farmers are coached in real-time by the organization through presential and remote surveillance using cameras and IoT devices.

We have cameras and devices that allow us to see and broadcast in real-time to the DAO the amount of product harvested. All the transactions, contracts and payments are directly handled by the organization who then redistributes it to the concerned actors.

We reduce risk through real-time data monitoring & supervision of farmers and farm supervisors. In addition, the team responsible for establishing business models has several years of experience at managerial level in agriculture. We utilize several key performance indicators (KPIs) which allow accurate tracking of progress and a reliable comparison of forecasts versus results.

Currently, all business models are studied, designed and implemented by our internal team of agriculture experts.

On the short term, operators are chosen by our internal team.

All the farms belong to Agrivirtus.

We believe this business model provides considerable value to all actors in the organization. It is financially strong, globally competitive, and more crucially, allows contributors to retain control.

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